Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the fire of coals,

and bringeth forth a weapon for his work - Isaiah 54:16





Showcasing the work of ABS Bladesmiths Adam & Haley DesRosiers. All of the knives you see here are hand forged by us in Excursion Inlet Alaska.

Please take a look around and visit our blog to see what we've been out cutting lately. We'll be putting up pictures of new knives hot off the bench on the Available page. Read about our quality heat treating, construction methods and rigorous testing under Method & Madness.

About Us

 We've both been hammering out knives in the Alaskan wilderness for a number of years. We met over an anvil repair job in the spring of 2008 and got married over the same anvil the fall of 2009. With combined shops and  passion for bladesmithing we're excited to see where all this metal whacking will take us.



Quality blades of every kind are a necessity to an Alaskan, from halibut dressing knives to firewood splitting mauls. It gives us great pleasure to be able to create and test knives in our day to day life, there's something seamless about it and that's what we'd like to share with you.

Halibut Longlining Fall Blackcod Fishing

We leave the blade shop in the summer to go commercial fishing. After a few months of playing 'Deadliest Catch' we're ready to get back to our nice warm shop and get out of the saltwater for awhile. It requires a boat or a plane to reach our cabin, so visitors are few but distractions are many... There are no roads to where we live, so fuel has to be bought in town, hauled 8 hrs. in the boat and then tussled up the 2 mile trail to the shop in barrels. There is fly-fishing to be done and deer hunting that must not be neglected. There's no community water within reach so we catch ours from the sky or haul it from our crick.  Since we live off-grid we provide our own power with both gas and diesel generators. At this point we do laundry by hand in an old fashioned wringer washer and have no indoor bathroom or refrigerator...Life Is Good!

Home Sweet Home Icebergs and ATVs